Apply online.

How to Apply

We'd love for you to apply for one of our units. Here is a guide to what we need to get your journey with Cass and Ferry started. 

The Basics

Application ---- filled out fully to the best of your ability

Application Fee ---- $35 covers credit + background check

Security Deposit ---- equal to one month's rent

Important to Know
  • All required materials are required in order to process the application.

  • Each person over the age of 18 who is  moving into the unit must turn in the required application materials.

  • We currently only accept checks and money orders. We do not accept cash payments for any of the required payments.

  • Only those with credit scores of 650 or higher will be approved.

  • Co-signers are required for all applicants who are applying for 3- bedroom and 4-bedroom units.

  • Co-signers are required to fill out a separate application and turn in an application fee.

  • The application fee is nonrefundable.

  • If your application is denied or if you change your mind about the apartment before you sign the lease we can return your security deposit. The check is not cashed until you sign the lease.