Residential Parking


Cass and Ferry Apartments Private Parking

Price: $90/month Contact the Cass and Ferry Apartments leasing office at 313-915-5533

The closest parking to your home.


Wayne State University Structure 1 & 2

Pricing is by the semester

Students: $222 ($72/month)

Staff: $392 ($85/month)

Non-Affiliate: $422 ($106/month)


  • Parking Structure 1 (Cass Ave and Palmer) offers in and out access Monday- Friday 7:00 am-12:00 am.

      You cannot access your vehicle during non-operational hours; however, you can park in Structure #2 for no charge.

      Contact the WSU OneCard office at 313-576-PARK. Please fill out a "Structure 1 Form."

  • Gated parking. Offered exclusively to tenants at Cass and Ferry Apartments.


Public Parking at Marathon Gas Station on Woodward and Ferry

Price: $50/month Please contact the station manager at 313-870-9395.

One of the best values in the Midtown area.


Guest Parking


Street Parking on Cass and W. Ferry St. (Weekdays)

Parking enforced Monday- Saturday, 7 am-11 pm. Rate is $.25/15 min.

Great for quick stops, groceries and short visits.


Street Parking on W. Ferry St. (Weekends)

Free parking Sat 11 pm -Mon 7 am. 

Best for grocery runs, overnight guests and weekend access.


Parking Structure 1 Daily Pass

Friends and family can park in Structure 1 between 7 am- 12 am for $6.50/day.